Friday, 24 August 2007

Review: Seven Ancient Wonders by Matthew Reilly

I've been interested in reading a Matthew Reilly ever since he came to fame as a self publisher made good. I'd probably preferred to read 'Ice Station' or 'Contest' - one of his first works, rather than 'Seven Ancient Wonders', which is rather a later book. However, someone lent me SAW and there you are.

I wasn't expecting much from the book - I though it would be something on par with 'The DaVinci Code' by Dan Brown (which, by the way, is referenced a couple of times in the book). But!! zOMG! It's MUCH MUCH WORSE than the DaVinci Code. IT's AWFUL. So awful, in fact, that even after a couple of pages I was seriously contemplating whether to continue or not. (In the end I did - partly cos I didn't think reading the book would take that long and the novelty value of the awfulness was... novel).

If it was just a very Hollywood storyline, I probably wouldn't be so scandalised by the awfulness. What really got me was the writing. The sentences. Are not complete.

In fact. Often the end of the sentence.
Is on a completely new line.
There are italics. And diagrams! Many diagrams.
Presumably because written description would have been incomprehensible....

The few redeeming features were that the token female commando girl did not turn into a love interest for Captain Jack West (uber hero with high tech mechanical arm and amazing ability to Not Die, when he really should have). And Reilly's conception of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was very cool.

But other than that... zOMG!!

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