Thursday, 26 May 2016

2016 Booklist #19: The Tainted

By Glenda Larke. Book 3 in the Isles of Glory trilogy. A great ending. Larke incorporates a few more new POV characters to great effect. In this book, there isn't so mcuh a twist as the pleasure in seeing how Larke brings about and ending that has been hinted at through the whole trilogy. I loved the scientific experiments with magic. A great ending.

2016 Booklist #18: Gilfeather

By Glenda Larke. Book 2 in the Isles of Glory trilogy, a bit of a slow start, with the change of POV from Blade to Gilfeather, but it ramped up fairly soon, and ended up breaking my heart! I worked out one twist by myself, but the other completely surprised me. I also love the overarching theme of anthorpology and science that's brought in with the framing letters. A worthy book #2.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

2016 Booklist #17: The Last Stormlord

By Glenda Larke. A bit of a slower start than 'The Aware', but such an amazing, complex world! Very relevant to now, given the prominence of water to the story. Huge huge cliffhanger at the end. Fortunately it was a pleasure to read - looking forward to the next one!