Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Book List 2014

What I read in 2014:
  1. Invisible Kingdoms, Stephen Utley ()
  2. The Back of the Back of Beyond, Edwina Harvey ()
  3. Everything is a Graveyard, Jason Fischer ()
  4. Assymetry, Thoraiya Dyer ()
  5. Caution: Contains Small Parts, Kirstyn McDermott ()
  6. This Mutant Life, ed. Ben Langdon()
  7. This Mutant Life: Bad Company, ed. Ben Langdon()
  8. The Great Unknown, ed. Angela Meyer()
  9. A Killer Among Demons, ed. Craig Bezant()
  10. Fearsome Journeys, ed. Jonathan Strahan()
  11. A Discovery of Witches, Deborah Harkness (great history and science in fairly standard romance)
  12. Broken Homes, Ben Aaronovitch (a bit wish washy and an UNEXPECTED CLIFFHANGER)
  13. Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell (not 100% sure I haven't read this already, but very interesting)
  14. Trucksong, Andrew Macrae (i think i need to read this again - the soundtrack is amazing)
  15. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman (simple, slight, odd )
  16. The Patternmaker, edited by Lucy Sussex (random 90's anthology of no obvious significance)
  17. Bitter Greens, Kate Forsyth (amazing scholarship, fantastic intertwined stories)
  18. A Dance with Dragones, George RR Martin (good story progression, several cliffhangers, now I can complain with everyone else!)
  19. When God was a Rabbit, Sarah Winman (unexpected, delightful)
  20. The Hare with Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal (indulgent, but still an amazing story)
  21. The Biographer's Tale, A. S. Byatt (loved the concept, but had trouble getting into it until quite late)
  22. New Moon, Stephanie Meyer (look i read it ok)
  23. Eclipse, Stephanie Meyer (still reading...)
  24. Breaking Dawn, Stephanie Meyer (this one particularly felt like fan fiction)
  25. Quintana of Charyn, Melina Marchetta (may have enjoyed 'Froi' better, but this was a very satisfying end *sniff*)
  26. Divergent, Veronica Roth (fast paced, but it's no Hunger Games)
  27. The Secret Lives of Books, Rosaleen Love (simple, complex, beautiful)
  28. Black Painted Fingernails, Steven Herrick (short, sweet, *ok*)
  29. Midnighters: The Secret Hour, Scott Westerfeld (fine story, but don't feel the need to read more of the series)
  30. The Thief-Takers Apprentice, Stephen Deas (ehh)
  31. Bound, Alan Baxter (yeah... not great)
  32. Cottillion, Georgette Heyer (my first GH! was ok, but I may need to read more to really get into them)
  33. The Secret Diary of Lizze Bennet, Bernie Su and Kate Rorick (*love* great accompaniment to the video series)
  34. The Godless, Ben Peek (really really good big fat fantasy)
  35. The Fault in our Stars, John Green (fantastic, intense, cryfest)
  36. Destroy the Joint, ed. Jane Caro (great selection of essays which both inspired me and made me angry)
  37. A Thread of Grace, Mary Doria Russell (interesting, important topic, but heavy going)
  38. We are all completely beside ourselves, Karen Joy Fowler (amazing story about an amazing family)
  39. Angel Dust, Ian McHugh
  40. Captives, Angela Meyer
  41. The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings, Angela Slatter
  42. Difficult Second Album: more stories of Xenobiology, Space Elevators, and Bats Out Of Hell, Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey (eds)
  43. 200 Shorter Stories, C. H. Aalberry
  44. Other Stories', and Other Stories, Adam Browne
  45. Last Year, When We Were Young, Andrew McKiernan
  46. Death at the Blue Elephant, Janeen Webb
  47. Stories of the Sand, Dirk Strasser
  48. The Cursed - Volume 1, Brett Kiellerop
  49. Dying Embers, M. R. Cosby
  50. Mist and Mirrors, John Stolarczyk
  51. Phantazein, Tehani Wessely
  52. Kaleidoscope: Diverse YA Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories, Alisa Krasnostein (ed) and Julia Rios (ed)
  53. Reach for Infinity, Jonathan Strahan
  54. Use Only As Directed, Simon Petrie and Edwina Harvey (eds)
  55. The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year: Volume Eight, Jonathan Strahan
  56. Kisses by Clockwork, Liz Grzyb
  57. Suspended in Dusk, Simon Dewar
  58. The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry, P.S. Cottier and Tim Jones
  59. Fearsome Magics, Jonathan Strahan
  60. SNAFU, G. N. Braun (ed)
  61. The World To Come, Patrick West
  62. Focus 2013, Tehani Wessely (ed)
  63. Amok: An Anthology of Asia-Pacific Speculative Fiction, Dominica Malcolm (ed)
  64. Legendary, J.F.R. Coates
  65. 18, Meghann Laverick (copy editor)

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