Tuesday, 3 March 2015

What Baby Read (2015)

  1. Jane Eyre, Jennifer Adams (Library, counting primer is more successful now, but the P&P one is better)
  2. From head to toe, Carle, Eric (library, great body parts book)
  3. Chu's day, Gaiman, Neil (library, lovely pictures but the text is a bit crap)
  4. The gruffalo: touch and feel book., Donaldson, Julia.
  5. Cat and fish, Grant, Joan, (library, lovely black and white artowrk)
  6. Frankenstein : an anatomy primer , Adams, Jennifer
  7. Today is Monday, Carle, Eric (
  8. Maisy's rainbow dream , Cousins, Lucy (library, great colours)
  9. Where is the green sheep?, Fox, Mem (library, old favorite)
  10. Run like a rabbit., Lester, Alison (another great rhyming boardbook)
  11. These are my colours, John FAulkner (bookcrossing, lovely colours - clever shapes)

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