Saturday, 10 September 2016

2016 Booklist #25: Burial Rites

By Hannah Kent.  This was reminiscent of my recent read, Hild, as it's fiction based on true events,  in this case the execution of the last woman in Iceland (Agnes Magnusdottir). It's very well written, and absorbing tale of life in Iceland - I am pretty sure this is the first book in Iceland that I've read! (though written by an Australian). The book weaves 'present day' (which is the incarceration of Agnes with a farming family before the execution), and the events leading up to the murder that she has been charged with.  It seems evident that Kent has meticulously researched the history of the period and the events them selves, I do wonder how much inference she has made about 'what really happened', though I also wonder how important that is (or why I feel it is important to me). Definitely recommended!

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